Prestige has prepared the following recommendations for you:

  • Washing – Depending on your boats location and how often you use it, we offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly washing programs to keep your boat looking good throughout the season. We recommend joining one of our programs that suit your needs.

  • Waxing – This can vary, depending on how much exposure to the sun your boat gets. Our suggestion would be 3 times/year for this area. Dark colored hulls will fade faster and require more attention. They should be waxed more frequently, and we offer hull only waxes.

  • Bottom Painting – Most boats will need to be painted every other season, however certain types of paints will dry out if pulled from the water for too long. It’s best to check with us if you are not sure.

  • Oil Changes – Oil and filters should be changed every 100 hrs or at least once a season. This includes crankcase and lower unit (drive) oils and checking other fluid levels. As well as lubing moving parts and changing fuel filters.

  • Zinc Replacement the Zincs on your boat are sacrificial metals that prevent corrosion to costly components such as lower units and running gear. They should be inspected and replaced each season, however due to stray electric current in the water, some will need to be replaced more often. This can be done while in the water by our divers.

  • Interior Cleaning – If you spend a lot of time in your cabin you’ll want it to be clean and smelling fresh. You can have interior cleaning scheduled with washes or call for a one time cleaning.

  • Bilge Cleaning having your bilge cleaned once or twice a season is not only visually appealing but important for your safety. Debris and oil and clog drains causing water to accumulate in sections of your bilge. This is a safety concern and standing water can lead to foul odors. Also problems can be detected by our crew as they thoroughly clean the area.

  • Canvas and Carpet Cleaning Due to the humidity of the marine environment mold and mildew can form in many fabrics on your boat. This is detrimental to your health, thus you should have your canvas cleaned 1-2 times a season. This will also remove any stains in the material.

  • Waterproofing – Boat canvas and covers will need to be waterproofed to prevent leaking. We recommend 1-3 times a year, or once they stop beading water. The material must be clean for the waterproofing agent to work properly.

  • Teak Care – To keep your teak looking good it will need to be oiled, cleaned and brightened regularly. An alternative would be to have it sealed with one of the specialty products on the market, you can contact us for more details.

These recommendations are to help serve as your guide to knowing the best times to have services completed for your vessel.

We also recommend having us winterize and de-winterize your boat before and after winter storage. Sitting for long periods of time and freezing temperatures can do costly damage. Shrink-wrapping is a very good way to store your boat for the winter, as boat covers are not designed to stand up to snow, ice, and heavy winds we experience. This will also protect your gel coat from sun damage.

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