Yacht Management

We are here to meet all of your yacht management needs, big or small.

Prestige offers a variety of yacht management services:

    • Gel Coat Repair (as well as Blister Repair)
    • Transport & Delivery
    • Washing Programs (Weekly, bi-weekly and monthly programs available)
    • Waxing (We recommend waxing 3 times a year)
    • Bottom Painting (Ablative & Hard Epoxy)
    • Zinc Replacement
    • Mechanical Services (Winterization, regular maintenance, spring commissioning, repairs, etc.)
    • Bilge/Engine Room Cleaning
    • Teak Finishing & Restoration (Applying teak oil, applying sealant, and restoration)
    • Interior Cleaning (Light & In-depth options)
    • Shrink wrapping Services (Boats are not the only things that we shrink wrap!)
    • Haul Out Services
    • Canvas & Upholstery

And more!

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To view each of these services provided by Prestige, navigate back to the “Yacht Management” menu to Marine Services and choose the one you’re interested in. If there is a service that you do not see and are curious to find out if we can do it, please click on the Contact Us panel and let us know!

Whether you’re new to boating or just need a reminder of when you’ll need any of the above services, the Recommendations panel under “Yacht Management” can be your guide to scheduling work with Prestige! You’ll never have to wonder when the right time to have cleanings or maintenance done will be again. We are here to help make your boating experience pleasant and memorable!

Our goal is to make owning a boat an easy and care free experience. Prestige is always there for you! Having Prestige manage your boat allows you as the owner to enjoy the use of your vessel knowing that from bow to stern, Prestige is capable of handling the full catalog of yacht management operations and procedures. Our goal is to create a worry free boating experience every time you step foot on your vessel.

Prestige Yacht Management